hello blog… it’s been a while

haven’t had much to talk about lately. been a fairly busy summer so far, and this weekend was no exception. brewed 20 gallons of beer at home on saturday (10gal of imperial ipa and 10gal of pineapple kolsch), made a short appearance at a beer event, then was back to brewing downtown on sunday (20gal of india red ale). now it’s back to monday and i’m exhausted and wish there was another day or two of weekend… or a “do over” as my wife so eloquently suggested.

but it’s not all bad. the commercial side of the brewing is fun, and we’ll soon have our first two batches available to the public. and i’m starting to catch up on brewing at home, with 30gal in the tanks and a couple of kegs on deck. bottled a few special brews last weekend that will probably get labels (something we only really do for the special ones).

hmmm, what else is new? not a whole not… thinks have been fairly quiet. planning a weekend trip to florida and a long weekend trip back out to minnesota for this fall. a couple of our minnesotan friends road tripped up here this month and we had a blast with them. and they brought me surly, which is always a bonus. the summer has flown by too fast.

anyway, i think that’s it for today. i’ll leave you with the song that has been stuck in my head for days: billie holiday by warpaint. don’t worry, they’re quite mellow and relaxing, despite the band name. enjoy!