wednesday night playlist

after a rather annoying day, i arrived home, poured some scotch, and turned on some music. having your entire cd collection a click away in mp3 format can make for some interesting playlists, but it didn’t get too wacky tonight. start somewhere and just add songs as my mood and the previous songs dictate. here’s what i ended up with for the last 90min or so…

  1. how to destroy angels – a drowning
  2. nine inch nails – beside you in time
  3. nine inch nails – right where it belongs
  4. nine inch nails – the day the whole world went away
  5. the cure – want
  6. the cure – watching me fall
  7. matthew good band – change of season
  8. a perfect circle – passive
  9. a perfect circle – 3 libras
  10. matthew good band – born to kill
  11. matthew good band – running for home
  12. the jimi hendrix experience – red house
  13. the jimi hendrix experience – bold as love
  14. the cribs – we share the same skies
  15. the cribs – ignore the ignorant
  16. tweaker – crude sunlight
  17. smashing pumpkins – obscured
  18. smashing pumpkins – luna

and now i’m off to veg with a book and more music. good night everyone!