Elusive Dream

ok, the newest band is/was called Elusive Dream and it was comprised of jason walker(acoustic guitar, vocals), rob harris(bongos, vocals), and me(bass). we did two covers and about 6-8 different originals. we played our first (and only) show at Changez on may 4/99. it was alot of fun and we played rather well, however there were some comments made that the sound wasn’t that great. oh well, sound at changez sucks anyway, and it was our first show.

when i moved to minneapolis in 1999, this band was pretty much done, however we recorded all my basslines before i left and rob and jay worked on putting the rest of it together in my absence. more information will be posted as it becomes available.

as of now (april 2001) jay is still working with rob and has added guitarist richard to fill out the hole left by my absence. best of luck to them!

latest news (aug 11/2001) is that alex joyes is also part of the band and playing bass. the band has a couple upcoming shows scheduled, so if you’re in the windsor area be sure to check them out.