The Tender Perverts

The Tender Perverts formed in May of 1996 and was composed of Jason Cross(guitar), Steve Cervi(keyboards), Rob LeGood(drums, backing vocals), Tim Edwards(vocals), and me(bass and sax). We started playing around Windsor in August of 1996. We did mostly covers but not your average covers…our criteria for choosing songs was the following:

  • Could we actually pull it off (seriously, some songs just weren’t possible)
  • was it something easily recognized (if not then it became a possibility)
  • was it something you would want your mom to hear (if not then even better)
  • was it just plain messed up (most songs in this class got chosen)

we did some normal songs (Lullaby by The Cure) but they were mixed in between a lot of insanity (Christmas On Acid by Radio Free Vestibule, Record Body Count by The Rheostatics, The City Sleeps by MC900ft Jesus with me on sax…) and our own crazy concoctions. Here are some band photos, taken from a show in August of 1996. Tim is in the white wedding dress, rob in the back with the green pimp suit, jay in the red velvet thing, me in the blue and white flowered dress, and steve
in the blue outfit.

The Tender Perverts broke up on Feb 11/97… a loss I’m sure all of Windsor will feel (or at least I’d like to think so…). check out other projects involving myself, Rob, Jay, and Steve…

Special thanks to Lizz who took these pictures at the show…