We’ve had a few different pets over the years…

Skweek was my cat. She was born March 10, 1992 and was given to me in May of that year. I named her Skweek because she never really meowed, it was more of a squeak, and since I didn’t want here to be normal she became Skweek. She was a small (most people think she’s a kitten) black cat who was also a mother of three. She was a great friend and companion over the years who was with me through may great adventures, from Essex, to Windsor, Minnesota, and Toronto. After a few months battling kidney issues she was laid to rest on Tues Dec 14/2010 at nearly 19 years of age. Here are a few pictures of her.

I also have some pictures of her and her three kittens, Socrates(the white with the grey ears, feet and tail), Tink(mostly brown with some orange) and Church(all black).

During the summer of 1998 my household got another visitor. Jenn’s birthday present that year included a new kitten, Buddy. She had seen the kitten at my mom’s house and as my mom needed to get rid of the kittens I arranged to get Buddy for Jenn. Skweek and Buddy got along pretty well and I think they both enjoyed having someone to play with. Buddy grew ill and passed quite suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept 26/2011. Here is a picture of the two of them as well as three of Buddy.

After Skweek’s passing, we thought Buddy seemed lonely, so in the winter of 2011 we started looking for a new kitten to join our family. I found a kijiji posting for someone with kittens looking for a home, and the first of the bunch definitely caught our eye. Her mother was a tortoise shell and her father was a big grey tabby. She was a tiny little mostly brown tortoise shell kitten with medium-length hair and a great orange streak on her forehead that looked like a mohawk. We thought she looked pretty punk rock and settled on Cat Benatar, or Benny for short. She was born Jan 15/2011 and came to join us on March 12/2011.

Once we moved out to the farm, we started talking about getting a dog. Many breeds were discussed, but we decided on a chocolate lab. In the summer of 2016 we welcomed Jayne Cobb (the hero of Newport) to our family. She was born May 26/2016. This girl hasn’t had it easy – with four knee surgeries before age 5 – but she is happy and healthy and loves nothing more than being outside running around playing fetch regardless of the season.

We’re still debating whether Jayne needs a little sibling…