My name is Russ Burdick, aka grub. I hold an honors Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Chemistry minor from the University of Windsor, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and a Masters of Science in Scientific Computation from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At both institutions I also took a bunch of optional and additional courses in Math and Computer Science and did research that combined all of the above.

After completing my degree at the University of Minnesota I worked at the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse as Internet Systems Designer and Administrator (aka chief web geek) before moving back to Ontario in 2004 to accepted a position at IBM‘s Toronto Software Lab working as a Staff Software Developer on the DB2 Kernel team. After nearly 12 years with IBM (the final two fully remote) it was time for a change. I joined the small group of excellent people at LotLinx as a Senior Software Developer, and currently hold the title of Senior Staff Developer, Tech Lead.

I also have a small outdated webpage in the Computer Science department that hosts my gamp page, my geowall howto page, my viewer page and my WallView page. It may someday end up with other information/software, but at this point I’d say it’s more likely that I’ll end up moving those software projects to my code page here.

I’m also an award-winning home brewer and founding member of the Biergötter Homebrew Club. I’ve been fortunate enough to brew many collaboration beers with local breweries including House Ales, Great Lakes Brewery, Amsterdam Brewery, and Indie Alehouse.

In the time that remains I try to relax and enjoy myself. I spend time playing my guitars, watching tv, playing Rock Band, and spending time with my wife, Jenn Root.