wednesday august 5th, molson amphitheatre. the tool website says tickets on sale saturday (6/13). isn’t even up on ticketmaster yet, but livenation has it and it shows tix on sale at 5pm on friday 6/12, so keep your eye on this if you want tickets.

glad this didn’t fall a couple of days earlier or i’d have missed them again. it’ll be interesting trying to get tickets for this since i won’t be home when they go on sale, but i’ll make it work somehow. maybe i’ll get lucky and there will be some sort of presale that goes on thursday…

any other local tool fans planning to check this out?

edit: the edge has some info up and says a presale is coming soon. they quote ticket prices at 42.50 / $54.50 / $69.50. still nothing on ticketmaster yet.

edit #2: ticketmaster listing is up now, and agrees with livenation for public on sale at 5pm friday. also lists the edge presale as starting at 10AM thursday morning. sweet! hopefully i can get presale tickets and not worry about buying tickets while i’m out of town.