thursday rambling

it’s thursday, the weekend is almost here. didn’t sleep that well last night, but i’m feeling surprisingly awake and cheerful. today feels like a good day!

i’ve been on a major muse kick for the last week. “black holes and revelations” spinning non-stop in the car, “h.a.a.r.p” and a little “absolution” to mix things up at work. looking forward to their next album, “the resistance”, currently expected to be released in september, and the tour that will follow. so far it’s mostly european dates, but i’d be surprised if they didn’t come through toronto.

tool has announced some US dates this summer. really want to check them out too. i saw them on the second stage at lollapalooza back in the summer of ’93. i’ve tried to catch them a few times since, but scheduling or lack of tickets has meant that it didn’t come together. it took me 4 tries before i finally got to see catherine wheel, but then i was able to see them 2 or 3 times before they split. hopefully i’ll get to see more than a few tool shows.

the beatles: rock band looks pretty excellent. great to see the introduction of 3 part vocal harmony. the signature instruments look pretty excellent. song list is going to be pretty awesome, and with further future downloads (including the already announced abbey road album) it’ll be even better.

iron maiden 12 pack for rock band next week. sweet!

hmm… what else is new and exciting… new glasses, first new pair in 5+ years so i was a bit overdue.

off to windsor this weekend for my aunt’s 50th, with a trip to detroit to stock up on homebrew supplies. i think we’ve got a good idea what our next dozen or so recipes will be, so that should carry us through most of the summer.

grand rapids next weekend. hopcat, founders, meanwhile, catch up with borys. should be fun. definitely liked my quick trip to GR in december, and this should be even better.

i think that’s about it for today. happy thursday all!