random thoughts

i’ve been having a desire to write in this thing lately, but can’t think of anything interesting enough to write about. so how about some random stuff?

picked up some new cds lately. yesterday it was muse – black holes and revelations and weezer’s blue album. alternating between them, which will likely be the course of the day. slowly filling out the weezer back catalog. need to re-listen to the early muse stuff. love absolution and BH+R, but my first listen through the early stuff didn’t interest me as much. i’ll give it another try though. and i do need to pick up h.a.a.r.p. at some point.

i’ve also picked up both sixx:a.m. discs (“the heroine diaries soundtrack” and the “live is beautiful” ep). i was listening to the first non-stop for a solid week and had to force myself to listen to other stuff so i don’t overdoes on it (tee-hee!). great album though. it was neat reading the book and picking out the cross-references too. “the girl with golden eyes” is a beautiful song, and i could just keep listening to or playing “life is beautiful” all day.

foo fighters – live at wembly dvd == win.

yay for march madness. doing pretty good our pool this year too – currently in second and still within striking distance of first. having final four tickets is pretty damn sweet too.

work is insane right now, but that’s pretty typical. of course, instead of doing that i’m here slacking… but i need to finish my coffee before i’ll be productive anyway.

i think the temperature is officially good enough to start brewing again. shouldn’t be seeing daytime temps below freezing anymore. currently planning to fire up the burners this weekend and brew up the russian imperial stout and old ale that we never got to before winter set in. looking forward to brewing again.