a good day

today was a good day. the first brewday of the year went well. got off to a bit of a late start since we had to unpack and clean up the gear. normally we’re mashing by 9:30-10:00am, but today the first mash didn’t start until 11:30. two big beers, with two hour boils instead of the typical 1 hour. had everything cleaned up and the wort in the fermenters by 7:30pm rather than the more typical 4-5pm…

but it’s all good. the weather was beautiful, a great day to be outside. and there are many happy yeasties hard at work on the 11.5 gallons of russian imperial stout and 10 gallons of old ale. looking forward to when they’re ready to drink!

icing on the cake: uconn and villanova wins, firestone walker twelve, and vegging watching labyrinth. oh yeah, and looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and watching louisville and unc win tomorrow.