Skinny Puppy @ Kool Haus – Nov 10, 2004

here’s the setlist for the Skinny Puppy show at Kool Haus on Nov 10, 2004. the opener was otto van somethingorother and i was glad i got there just as he finished. painful. i’m all for some noise-based stuff, but this guy SUCKED.

puppy was great. this was a show that i had long ago decided i’d never see, with the way the process went down and the whole breakup and all that. i just figured that was the end and i’d never get to see them live. then shortly after Dwayne Goettel’s death I saw Download play a show in detroit. they closed their set with a 3 song medly of puppy tracks that were dedicated to Dwayne. it was pretty awesome (the whole show was, really) and i thought that was the closest i’d ever come to seeing skinny puppy live.

between then and now there’s been lots of great stuff from download, some stuff from ogre’s project “oHGr”, and a smattering of old puppy releases including b-sides, remixes, and another live album. all great, but i still wished i’d had a chance to see puppy live in their prime (my choice would have been too dark park, but i’d have been happy with anything).

then in recent years they did that wacky german reunion show. I had no way to get there, so i figured again i was out of luck, the band would go their separate ways and i’d still not get a chance to see them. However, not long after i started hearing rumors of another album, another tour, etc. it took a while, but “the greater wrong of the right” finally came out. I must say it is better than I expected after the mess that was “the process”. the process was so far removed from “real” skinny puppy that it might as well have called that a metal album with ogre doing vocals. I dreaded a return to that with TGWOTR, and was happy that this didn’t happen. TGWOTR is a definite evolution from old puppy, but i think it’s in a good way. you can definitely hear download and ohgr coming through in some tracks, but others are pure puppy. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

anyway, on to the setlist. the show featured a few more songs from the process than i’d have liked, but overall was a good time. loved to hear several from vivisect vi, and convulsion was fucking brilliant. here’s the list:






gods gift (maggot)

vx gas attack


deep down trauma hounds


tin omen


hardset head

human disease-s.k.u.m.m

harsh stone white




smothered hope