Social Distortion @ Kool Haus – Oct 25, 2004

here’s the setlist for the Social Distortion show at Kool Haus on Oct 25, 2004. opener was Tiger Army. fairly interesting band. loved the bassist. he was playing a big old upright bass, but would pick it up with is fretting hand and walk around the stage with it, or swing it up in the air. nuts.

social distortion was great. all the classics, with a bunch from the new album. Mike joked with the crowd as he came out on stage and said “Hello vancouver!”. He then said that he doesn’t ever know where he is, they just pull him off the bus and he plays the show. He later said he knew exactly where he was and encouraged the crowd to sneak into the states and vote so that they could get Bush out of office. the crowd got a good laugh out of it.

throughout the show people kept throwing things both on stage and around the crowd, mostly beer cans and stuff. at one point between songs as Mike was talking someone threw a beer can that flew by his head. he immediately started talking to the guy and trying to get him to come up on stage to “see how tough he is”. he then said that if he was at a show and somebody beside him threw something at the band he’d punch them right in the head. he asked if the guy would like it if he were throwing things at him or something like that. he yelled at the guy a bit more, then went back to what he was talking about. i thought the crowd was going to jump the guy and beat the hell out of him, but i didn’t see anything happen. that would have been amusing. never understand why people throw things at the band. if you paid to come to the show you probably like them, so why throw shit? so stupid…

ring of fire

reach for the sky

under my thumb

highway 101

mommys little monster

the creeps

so far away

when she begins

dont take me for granted

prison bound

telling them

making believe

sick boy

ball and chain

nickles and dimes

footprints on my ceiling

story of my life