them crooked vultures

i was lucky enough to get tickets to tonight’s them crooked vultures show at sound academy, and wow, what a show it was. for those not in the know, this is dave grohl (foo fighters/nirvana) on drums, josh homme (queens of the stone age/EODM/kyuss) on vocals/guitar, and john paul jones (led zeppelin) on bass (and alain johannes (QOTSA/eleven) doing backup guitars for their live shows).

they played for about 80 minutes or so, and it was a blast the whole way. watching JPJ on bass was amazing. i had trouble seeing much of dave as josh was blocking my view, but he was tearing it up on drums. josh is always fun to watch, and alain deserves props just for keeping up with everyone else.

funniest moment: john paul jones rockin’ the keytar and josh crooning a ballady-type effort.

coolest moment (and it happened a few times): seeing the other three guys just stopped and watching JPJ playing, either tearing through a quick bass solo or playing piano. they clearly had much respect and admiration for him, which was cool to watch. when josh was introducing the members, he didn’t even have to name him – he basically just pointed and the whole crowd went nuts and started chanting “john paul jones” over and over. he made some sort of comment about how they still can’t believe it themselves.

still no official word on when the album will be out, but it sounds like it should be by the end of the year.  if you like any of these guys bands, you’ll definitely want to check it out. a quick youtube search will bring you a ton of live footage.