ibm update

the ibm saga continutes. this tuesday i got a call from a recruiter at ibm. he said that i had done ‘extremely well’ in my interviews and that everyone was very impressed. he said that he wanted to get me to fill out their standard employment application so that everything would be ready if they make an offer, which he said that he could just about guarantee that they would do. he also said that if i have any other offers i should contact him immediately because they ‘dont want to lose me’. so all that makes me feel really good about my chances. i got email from him on thursday confirming that they had received my application form (which i faxed to them) and that they’d be looking it over and get back to me soon, however with the holiday in canada yesterday he didnt think that they would be getting back to me until early next week. great news, and i expect an offer will be coming in the next few days. woohoo!