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What's New

may 1/04

april 30/04

april 26/04

april 25/04

  • updates to code page

april 24/04

  • slight changes to nav bar
  • added code page and software
  • removed javascript menu and mouseover data. less is more.

jan 21/04

  • moved to new coloc server

sept 26/02

july 25/02

dec 5/01

oct 19/01

oct 8/01

aug 14/01

  • minor updates to bodyart and band pages

july 17/01

april 4/01

  • big updates to the bodyart page after recent tattoo work
  • minor updates to the rest of the site

jan 22/00

  • new domain! now extrapolation.net!
  • new layout and updates to most pages
  • new pics in the bodyart and gallery pages

aug 27/99

  • more of the same... updates to most of the page.
  • moved page to toast.net

june 14/99

Oct. 30/98

  • finally uploaded the finished page
  • updated the computer page
  • updated the music page

Sept. 30/98

  • total reworking of page layout and content. webpage now lynx frienldy!
  • updated all pages, removing some, adding others.

May 6/97

  • added some lyrics to the lyrics page
  • added the grub page-still needs work
  • fixed a couple links

May 5/97

  • totally reconstructed large portions of the page
  • added javascript menu and mouseover data
  • corrected some spelling/typing errors
  • changed the colour scheme and got rid of the annoying background
  • updated some outdated links
  • too many little thinks to note them all

March 1/97

  • added a bunch of pics to the gallery
  • added some links to the bodyart page

Feb 26/97

  • Updated my music lists
  • Minor cosmetic changes here and there

Feb 18/97

  • Fixed the choices on the left frame so they look right under Netscape
  • Added information to the Luminox and Tender Perverts pages
  • Fixed email and links on several pages
  • Touched up a few things here and there

Jan 15/97

  • Added links to Top Sample Lists
  • working on new menu, more links.

Jan 11/97

  • Added the beginings of the photo gallery
  • fixed a couple bugs
  • added jgp's of my future backpiece to bodyart page
  • changed a few things in the menu

Jan 10/97

  • fixed the midi file playing
  • fixed some of the pictures that weren't working
  • added the what's new menu listing(you're looking at it!)

Jan 9/97

  • the page! just put it on the server and started working out the bugs

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