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I have been playing musical instruments since I was 9. I started with a recorder in grade four, moved up to a trumpet in grades five and six but I didn't like trumpet much and took a break from music until high school. In grade 9 I started with alto sax and then throughout high school got into tenor sax, oboe, a bit of saprano sax and finally guitar. I have been playing guitar since december 1991 and have also been playing bass since about 1994. I still pick up my tenor sax and play it now and then but the guitar is my true love. i find that i really like my guitar for writing and also for playing along with my favorite cds, but i lean more to being a bassist all the time.

my guitar gear presently includes a black gibson epiphone with an sg body, a zoom 9002 effects processor, and a yorkville sound 100W amp. my bass gear is a nice purple 4 string sound gear (by ibanez) which i play through a yorkville sound 200W bass amp. i also have an epiphone acoustic that i like to play with as well. I am still interested in getting a 12 string acoustic and better effects processors as well as a better bass, possibly 5 or 6 string. i'd also like to start getting some other musical gear such as a decent keyboard, drum machine, sampler, ...the list goes on...always more things than money can buy.

What do I do with all this musical knowledge? Funny you should ask, I'm presently in one bands, Luminox and was in another for about 9 months, The Tender Perverts, until we broke up. For more info you can check out those links.

a few months after the demise of the perverts, four of the former members of the band got together to do a summer project with Jay Walker from Luminox. this band was a tribute to a band that we all greatly enjoy, The Cure, and as such was called Pornograpy. the "summer project" ended up staying together until january 1998 when we played our final show since drummer Rob LeGood had moved to Waterloo. we also played our first reunion show in waterloo on oct. 24/98. the show went well, we had fun. i'm hoping to put a pornography page in here sometime soon when i have time.

since then i have been working with Jay Walker on yet another project, this time doing originals and working with Rob Harris. at present we are a three piece, with me further refining my bass playing skills, jay playing his acoustic and singing, and rob on bongos. you can find current info on this new band, called Elusive Dream, here.

i have a small lyrics page here which contains a mix of songs that i like, songs that i have written, and songs by other bands which i have covered in one of the bands i have been in or just that i like. browse at your leisure.

i also have a small mp3 collection i love introducing people to bands that i enjoy so if you'd like to trade, just drop me a line. my mp3 collection is primarily rips from my ever-growing cd collection.

I also was a dj at CJAM 91.5 FM. I was the host Mind Over Acid ever Saturday afternoon from 4-6pm. since i have left, Pete Kopchek has taken over for me. same format, new host. it's also got a new time slot these days, from 6:00pm-7:30pm. If you are in the Windsor/Detroit area you should check it out some time. alternatively, You can listen in to their mp3 stream [low-fi or high-fi]. The request lines are (519)971-3630 (from Windsor) and the toll free US line is (313)963-6112 ext.3630. Feel free to call up and make requests. At the 1999 CJAM Jammie awards Mind Over Acid won the award for "Favorite Industrial/Electronic Music Show". After many years on CJAM it was great to finally see the show recieve an award. thanks to everyone who cast their vote!

My favorite band is The Cure and my favorite cd is Disintegration by The Cure. Here are some of my Top Ten lists... I recently got some hatemail in regards to these lists and decided to put it up here.

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