March 31, 2004

ibm interview #3 - work

this morning i had my third phone interview with ibm, this time with a manager even further up the line. i feel like it went pretty good. he said that they are not going to go ahead with flying me up there because it would take alot of time on both our parts and would be costly and he didnt think they'd really learn anything that they havent already in the (three) phone interviews i've had. at first i was nervous about the cancelling of the trip, but his reasoning did make sense and i didnt think it sounded like he was telling me i was out of the running. i think the conversation was pretty good. later in the day i heard from the manager i'd talked to in the 2nd interview and he said he'd heard that today's interview "went well", so i should be in good shape. today's manager told me that their interviews would be done by friday and that the managers would be getting together then to make decisions about the various candidates, so i should hear back by the end of this week or beginning of next. more waiting...

March 26, 2004

ibm visit - take 2 - work

hadnt heard anything from personnel, so i emailed yesterday to get an update on the status of my trip to toronto to visit ibm. now it looks like there's one or two managers that would like to talk to me before they incur travel costs. so it looks like i'll be having another phone interview sometime next week. more interviews are always a good sign i guess, since they are interested enough to keep talking to me, and it looks like the visit is still in the works. my guess is that someone higher above the manager i've been talking to wants to check things before they pay for my travel. no problem, i can understand that. now i wait for interview info.

March 24, 2004

march madness - fun

i'm kicking butt in our march madness pool... seems that alot of the picks that i made were on the good side of all the upsets everyone else seems to be complaining about. i've built a neat perl+mysql setup to track our tournament standings and the brackets. threw this together over a couple of days and it seems to be working great. tournament standings and tournament brackets.

March 23, 2004

ibm visit - work

got what i think is some good news today. ibm has said that they want to bring me on-site for further discussion. the first two interviews must have gone well (as i thought) for them to fly me out there. now i just need to wait for personnel to contact me to arrange the details. fun fun.

March 19, 2004

IPATO - work

did the ibm IPATO ("Information Processing Aptitude Test On-line") today. 3 sections, covering number series, matrix manipulation, and anaysis. each is timed with the whole thing taking 32 minutes. it wasnt that hard, but it tells you from the start that the test is designed so that you will not have enough time to answer every question in the time given. given an extra 2-3 minutes in each section i'd have finished them all, but still think i did well with the ones i did answer. it's a bit frantic and nerve racking when you're doing it, but really only because of the time component. still waiting to hear something back about the interview i had tuesday. should know something in a few days.

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