here's the setlist for the Pixies show at Arrow Hall on Nov 24, 2004. Another band that i thought i'd never get to see live. i don't care that the band has freely admitted they're only doing the reunion and tour for money, i was just happy to get a chance to see them. excellent set with all the good stuff. here's the list:

bone machine
river euphrates
wave of mutilation
monkey gone to heaven
no. 13 baby
i bleed
is she weird
mr grieves
in heaven
here comes your man
nimrod's son/the holiday song
gouge away
broken face
isla de encanta/something against you

where is my mind

here's the setlist for the Skinny Puppy show at Kool Haus on Nov 10, 2004. the opener was otto van somethingorother and i was glad i got there just as he finished. painful. i'm all for some noise-based stuff, but this guy SUCKED.

puppy was great. this was a show that i had long ago decided i'd never see, with the way the process went down and the whole breakup and all that. i just figured that was the end and i'd never get to see them live. then shortly after Dwayne Goettel's death I saw Download play a show in detroit. they closed their set with a 3 song medly of puppy tracks that were dedicated to Dwayne. it was pretty awesome (the whole show was, really) and i thought that was the closest i'd ever come to seeing skinny puppy live.

between then and now there's been lots of great stuff from download, some stuff from ogre's project "oHGr", and a smattering of old puppy releases including b-sides, remixes, and another live album. all great, but i still wished i'd had a chance to see puppy live in their prime (my choice would have been too dark park, but i'd have been happy with anything).

then in recent years they did that wacky german reunion show. I had no way to get there, so i figured again i was out of luck, the band would go their separate ways and i'd still not get a chance to see them. However, not long after i started hearing rumors of another album, another tour, etc. it took a while, but "the greater wrong of the right" finally came out. I must say it is better than I expected after the mess that was "the process". the process was so far removed from "real" skinny puppy that it might as well have called that a metal album with ogre doing vocals. I dreaded a return to that with TGWOTR, and was happy that this didn't happen. TGWOTR is a definite evolution from old puppy, but i think it's in a good way. you can definitely hear download and ohgr coming through in some tracks, but others are pure puppy. I can't wait to see what they do next.

anyway, on to the setlist. the show featured a few more songs from the process than i'd have liked, but overall was a good time. loved to hear several from vivisect vi, and convulsion was fucking brilliant. here's the list:

gods gift (maggot)
vx gas attack
deep down trauma hounds
tin omen
hardset head
human disease-s.k.u.m.m
harsh stone white


smothered hope

here's the setlist for the Social Distortion show at Kool Haus on Oct 25, 2004. opener was Tiger Army. fairly interesting band. loved the bassist. he was playing a big old upright bass, but would pick it up with is fretting hand and walk around the stage with it, or swing it up in the air. nuts.

social distortion was great. all the classics, with a bunch from the new album. Mike joked with the crowd as he came out on stage and said "Hello vancouver!". He then said that he doesn't ever know where he is, they just pull him off the bus and he plays the show. He later said he knew exactly where he was and encouraged the crowd to sneak into the states and vote so that they could get Bush out of office. the crowd got a good laugh out of it.

throughout the show people kept throwing things both on stage and around the crowd, mostly beer cans and stuff. at one point between songs as Mike was talking someone threw a beer can that flew by his head. he immediately started talking to the guy and trying to get him to come up on stage to "see how tough he is". he then said that if he was at a show and somebody beside him threw something at the band he'd punch them right in the head. he asked if the guy would like it if he were throwing things at him or something like that. he yelled at the guy a bit more, then went back to what he was talking about. i thought the crowd was going to jump the guy and beat the hell out of him, but i didn't see anything happen. that would have been amusing. never understand why people throw things at the band. if you paid to come to the show you probably like them, so why throw shit? so stupid...

ring of fire
reach for the sky
under my thumb
highway 101
mommys little monster
the creeps
so far away
when she begins
dont take me for granted
prison bound
telling them
making believe
sick boy
ball and chain
nickles and dimes

footprints on my ceiling
story of my life

Here's the setlist from the Matthew Good show at Kool Haus on Oct 23, 2004.

aparitions (acoustic)
alert status red
buffallo seven
hello time bomb
the rat who would be king
future is x rated
put out your lights
poor mans grey
fell in love with a bad idea
blue skies over bad lands

load me up
empty road
cant get shot in the back if you dont run

fantastic show, lots of songs that i'd like to have heard and didn't, but pretty much everything Matt has done is excellent, so it's hard to pick a set worth and not leave favourites out...

April 28, 2004

qwest commercials - rant

am i the only one who finds the current crop of qwest commercials ridiculously stupid? nobody in their right mind gets excited about their phone bill or meeting a repair person or about the phone company calling to annoy them for the 20839423 time this week to offer you services that cost more than what you currently have and that you've repeatedly turned down in the past. ok, so maybe that's a bit of my own displeasure at them coming through there, but really, every time i hear about their 'spirit of service in action' i just want to throw my telephone through the tv. bah.

while i'm on the topic of comercials, as much as i think that miller is swill, i'm rather enjoying their current 'president of beer' commercials. quite amusing. it's not going to make me even think about drinking their beer, but it's good for a laugh.

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