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I have had an interest in bodyart since 1993. I got my first piercing, my tongue, on November 1, 1993 and have stretched it up to an 8 gauge 3/8" SSS barbell. My second and third piercings were my right and left nipples on september 24 1994 and january 8 1995 respectively. They are currently streched up to 8 gauge 3/4" SSS captive bead rings with SSS beads. I got my first tattoo during the summer of 1996. I drew the design about 2 years prior and it just took me that long to decide to finally do it. i have the original drawing available here. I received my fourth piercing on November 1, 1996. It was a 12 gauge Prince Albert which I have since stretched to 6 gauge or so, but i rarely wear jewelry in it. occasionally i wear a 6ga sss cbr in it and at other times i wear an 8ga sss curved barbell. On July 26/97 i got both of my lobes pierced with 14ga 1/2" SSS captive bead rings and hematite balls. over the course of the next year they were stretched to 0ga 1/2" sss single flanged eyelets. I further stretched them to 00ga during jan 1999.

in october 1997 i branched off into another type of body modification. this time it was scarification. i had been considering the idea of a cutting, and right around when i was going to call my local artist to discuss the matter with him, he contacted me to ask if i was interested in getting one done as he was interested in trying it out. i went in to talk to him and finalized my design and set the date. the cutting would be on the outside of my right thigh and approximately 2"x3" in size. the procedure went well and i was quite happy with the result, however since then it has faded and is now only slightly visible. i have considered either tattooing around it to accent it more, or possibly having it recut. at present, i am happy with it as is.

on january 16, 1998 i received my second tattoo. this is a design drawn by clive barker and taken from the book "clive barker: illustrator". before getting this work done i wanted to be sure that the artist would not take offense to such a portrayal of his work so i sent email to someone at his official website asking if they could pass along my request to him. the response came back that he loved people to immortalize his work upon themselves and that the person whom i had been in contact with already had pieces done. with that response i went down to my local shop and talked to the tattooist, a wonderful artist named steve cole, and set up an appointment. less than a week later i was leaving the shop with some fine new ink on my upper left arm. i have a copy of the original art and also the tattoo available. since then i have also received a third tattoo, this one on my upper right arm and administered by corrie dyson on may 31/98 and june 21/98.

on january 13/99 steve cole began another piece, this time on my right side. this is the second work i've had that was taken from art by clive barker and may not be the last. i hope to have him finish it either this summer or some time in the not-too-distant future. more ink to come...

may 7/99. borys and i did our first piercings today! i did an ear cartilage piercing on my sister (thanks jackie) and he did my navel (12ga 3/8" curved barbell now). I also did a lip piercing on borys.

june 10/99. during a brief guest sit at the shop by mr. steve cole while he was in town for his sisters wedding, i was lucky enough to have him finish off my ribs. the piece looks excellent! thanks again steve.

june 18/99. sue did some touchup work on my third tattoo, originally done by corrie dyson. blacks are now pretty dark and even and some ragged parts have been cleaned up. looks better now but i'm still considering having the black completely re-filled.

june 23/99. the backpiece has begun! sue laid in the outline for the upper portion today. looks like we're gonna go with a series of fairly regular sessions of 1-2hours each.

august 9/99. today sue and i finished the final session on my backpiece. today she touched up some of the grey areas and went over all the black in my old backpiece to darken it up. i am very happy with how it has turned out and thank her alot for the wonderful work. look for her out vancouver. today borys also did gave me a labret (14ga 5/16" sss labret) which i am very happy with. thanks borys!

december 10/99. took out my front tongue piercing today, which sucked. it was my first one and i liked it, however it was really bothering my gums alot so i had to remove it. it had moved forward alot since its original piercing, especially underneath, and was rubbing my gums alot. gum erosion is a bad thing. i'd like to keep my gums/teeth in tact.

sept 20/2000. lost the ball on my labret about a month ago and since i was getting a replacement (THANKS BARRY!) i decided to go for 12ga. the new piece slipped right in with no real trouble, so my labret is now happily at 12ga with some nice shinny anatometal jewelry.

march 28/2001. during spring break borys and i made a trip out to st. robert, missouri to visit the wonderful cat spencer to get some tattoo work done. i knew that i wanted to get some sort of an angel tattooed on my left side to complement/contrast the evil demon head i've got on my right side. i didnt want just the theme to differ, but also the style of the tattoo. my right side is solid black, very basic, taken from a book of Clive Barker's art. i thought an angel would be thematically contrasting, and getting it done as some nice, detailed greywork would also contrast the stark simplicity of the demon.

i looked around and found many different angel images, however nothing that was really what i wanted. i was able to pick aspects of about a dozen images that i either liked or disliked and gave this information (and links) along with a rough description of what i thought the tattoo should look like to cat. based on other work i'd seen from him, as well as his artistic ability i felt confident that he'd be able to come up with something to my liking. when i got to the shop on the 28th and cat showed me the art he'd come up with, i was amazed. it was exactly what i wanted, but better. it was perfect. even the size was almost exactly the same as the piece i have on my right side. the shape of the left side of the image matched up very well with the shape of the right side of the image on my right side. he'd taken my ideas for a 'haloish thing that's not just a boring halo' and worked that into it. the wings were based on my favorite of the angel images i'd pointed him too. my only suggestion was that she be clothed in a robe instead of either being naked or having something sleeveless. he started drawing up the outline to make the transfer from, added in a nice flowing robe and it looked great.

special thanks once again to cat for the wonderful work and to the rest of the folks at fay's for your hospitality. hopefully i'll find my way out there again in the future.

august 10/01. stretched my lobes up to 000ga.

october 8/01. stretched right lobe up to 7/16". got some great looking jewelry from steal body jewelry [url was http://www.stealbodyjewelry.com/ but it no longer works]. i got a gift certificate at rabcon this summer and put it to good use. i also now have some nice stainless and ebony 1/2" tunnels for my next stretch. check out their stuff. thanks brian!

october 18/01. stretched right lobe to 1/2", left to 7/16"

november 1/01. stretched left lobe to 1/2"

november 27/01. removed labret

july 25/02. i've long pondered the idea of getting a 'geek' tattoo, since i proudly consider myself one. i'd tossed around the idea of choosing an interesting physics equation (since that's what my undergrad was), but as i've veered more and more towards straight computer science and programming i wasnt as interested in that. not too long ago i had the idea to use something from C, and "#include <geek.h>" seemed appropriate. the issue of location was something that i debated for a while, but i ultimately decided that placement on the inside of my left wrist, just under the wrist band of my watch so it'll only be visible if i want it to be, was what i wanted. i headed over to saint sabrinas and talked to Jeremy ('Jers'). we decided which of my samples would be the best idea and i set up an appointment. the appointment was short, quite easy, and he did a great job. anyone in the twin cities area would do well to head over to this shop. nice shop, talented tattooists, APP and APT certifications. what more can you ask for?

Almost all my bodyart was done at skew skin, which no longer exists because the owner moved to vancouver, bc. from december/98 until august/99 i was a body piercing apprentice at this shop. It went great and I enjoyed it alot. I wish syx and sue all the best in vancouver.

For information on bodyart try reading rec.arts.bodyart.

Check out my links to other bodyart sites. They are in no particular order it's just some pages that I have checked out and thought were cool. If you have a page you'd like to see listed then just send me some email...

besides that, you can always check out irc. i hang out on #bodyart on efnet. i also maintain that webpage as well and it contains more up to date bodyart information, links to many bodyart sites, and general information about irc, how to get it, and how to use it. a good starting place for someone new to irc and looking for info on how to get going.

here is a cronological list of my bodyart with links to associated pictures when available:

  • nov. 1/1993: tongue piercing (pierced 14ga, now gone) [pic]
  • sept. 24/1994: right nipple (pierced 14ga, presently 8ga) [pic]
  • jan. 8/1995: left nipple (pierced 14ga, presently 8ga) [pic]
  • may 1996: first tattoo (circular, about 4" across) [drawing] [pic]
  • nov. 1 1996: prince albert (pierced 12ga, presently ~8ga)
  • july 27 1997: both lobes (pierced 14ga, presently 1/2") [right]
  • oct. 1997: cutting (3"x4") [drawing] [before] [after 1] [after 2]
  • jan. 1998: second tattoo (3"x4") [pic]
  • june 1998: third tattoo (circular, about 6" across) [drawing] [pic]
  • jan 13/1999: fourth tattoo (6"x9") [drawing]
  • feb 6/1999: second tongue piercing (behind first, pierced 8ga, now gone)
  • may 7/1999: navel (pierced 12ga, now gone)
  • june 10/1999: fourth tattoo finished [pic]
  • june 18/1999: touchup of third tattoo
  • june 23/1999: backpiece begins with outline on upper portion. [drawing] [pic]
  • june 30/1999. outline for lower portion of backpiece. [pic]
  • july 4/1999. black fill on upper back.
  • july 7/1999. black fill on lower back.
  • july 11/1999. grey fill on upper back.
  • july 18/1999. grey fill on lower back.
  • july 25/1999. thickening of outline on upper back. [pic]
  • aug 1/1999. thickening of outline on lower back.
  • aug 9/1999: backpiece finished. small touchups and darkening of first tattoo [pic]
  • aug 9/1999: labret (14ga)
  • dec 10/1999: removed front tongue piercing.
  • sept 20/2000: stretched labret to 12ga
  • march 28/2001: sixth tattoo, an angel, on left side.
    • [art]. cat's original art. girl from fractal design poser, wing from an image i'd pointed him to. the rest is his drawing on top. (scan)
    • [art]. final outline after sizing and addition of robes. (scan)
    • [pic]. transfer. (digicam)
    • [pic]. outlining. (digicam)
    • [pic]. shading. (digicam)
    • [pic]. more shading. (digicam)
    • [pic]. even more shading. (digicam)
    • [pic]. still more shading. (digicam)
    • [pic]. final. (digicam)
    • [pic]. final. (digicam)
    • [pic]. final (pic by cat)
  • aug 10/2001: stretched lobes to 000ga
  • oct 8/2001: stretched right lobe to 7/16"
  • oct 18/2001: stretched right lobe to 1/2", left lobe to 7/16"
  • nov 1/2001: stretched left lobe to 1/2"
  • july 25/2002: "#include <geek.h>" on my left inner wrist
  • 2006: removed back tongue piercing.

and some possible future work:

  • collar
  • a hafata or three
  • navel repierce
  • right inner forearm [pic]

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