April 26, 2004

it's official - life - work

well, it's now official. i just called IBM and told them that i was accepting the offer and that i'd be sending the written copies of everything out to them via purolator. i faxed everything off to the relocation people to get that process started too. we're moving to markham!

April 19, 2004

the offer - work

well the offer officially arrived on friday, and it looks pretty good. there was alot to read over the weekend and it did raise some questions. today i've been talking with them about a few details related to the offer, in particular the copyright and invention agreement. in the broadest terms, this could basically make everything i do (even on my own time) the property of ibm, and at best i'd have to discuss any software projects with them for approval. there's even the question of whether i'd be able to continue working on existing projects (including gamp, viewer, and wallview). could be fun working out all the details of that. i understand where they're coming from with this, but i'd also hate to have to stop working on anything but "work".

aside from this, the rest of the offer looks good. they're covering relocation, and the relocation package looks very nice. i feel like we should be able to work out the questions i have. at least at this point i know that they want me there and they're going to work (and have been) to make sure i'm happy. with any luck we'll get this sorted out and i'll be on track for my july 5 start date.

April 14, 2004

stupid - work

stupid fedex didnt deliver anything today. hopefully tomorrow...

April 13, 2004

ibm offer - work

yesterday i got an email from the manager who i interviewed with the third time. his message asked if there was a number where i could be reached. i quickly replied and then anxiously waited for the phone to ring. i was pretty confident that they were going to be making an offer, otherwise they'd have probably felt ok with just leaving me a message. after almost 2 hours the phone finally rang. he let me know that they were in the process of putting together the official written offer but he wanted to tell me about it and find out if i had any initial problems with it. in general it was a pretty good offer (including covering my relocation costs was a plus), but there were a couple of concerns that i had. he said he was going to talk to hr and see what he could do. this morning i got a call from him to let me know that they were able to address the issues i'd raised and that he was overnighting all the official paperwork to me, so i should have all that tomorrow. barring anything that arises in the details they send me, it looks like i'll probably be accepting the offer and we'll be moving to the toronto area with a start date of july 5/2004. it's been a while going through all the interviews, but worth it. we're excited about the move and look forward to being back in canada.

April 10, 2004

ibm update - work

the ibm saga continutes. this tuesday i got a call from a recruiter at ibm. he said that i had done 'extremely well' in my interviews and that everyone was very impressed. he said that he wanted to get me to fill out their standard employment application so that everything would be ready if they make an offer, which he said that he could just about guarantee that they would do. he also said that if i have any other offers i should contact him immediately because they 'dont want to lose me'. so all that makes me feel really good about my chances. i got email from him on thursday confirming that they had received my application form (which i faxed to them) and that they'd be looking it over and get back to me soon, however with the holiday in canada yesterday he didnt think that they would be getting back to me until early next week. great news, and i expect an offer will be coming in the next few days. woohoo!

March 31, 2004

ibm interview #3 - work

this morning i had my third phone interview with ibm, this time with a manager even further up the line. i feel like it went pretty good. he said that they are not going to go ahead with flying me up there because it would take alot of time on both our parts and would be costly and he didnt think they'd really learn anything that they havent already in the (three) phone interviews i've had. at first i was nervous about the cancelling of the trip, but his reasoning did make sense and i didnt think it sounded like he was telling me i was out of the running. i think the conversation was pretty good. later in the day i heard from the manager i'd talked to in the 2nd interview and he said he'd heard that today's interview "went well", so i should be in good shape. today's manager told me that their interviews would be done by friday and that the managers would be getting together then to make decisions about the various candidates, so i should hear back by the end of this week or beginning of next. more waiting...

March 26, 2004

ibm visit - take 2 - work

hadnt heard anything from personnel, so i emailed yesterday to get an update on the status of my trip to toronto to visit ibm. now it looks like there's one or two managers that would like to talk to me before they incur travel costs. so it looks like i'll be having another phone interview sometime next week. more interviews are always a good sign i guess, since they are interested enough to keep talking to me, and it looks like the visit is still in the works. my guess is that someone higher above the manager i've been talking to wants to check things before they pay for my travel. no problem, i can understand that. now i wait for interview info.

March 23, 2004

ibm visit - work

got what i think is some good news today. ibm has said that they want to bring me on-site for further discussion. the first two interviews must have gone well (as i thought) for them to fly me out there. now i just need to wait for personnel to contact me to arrange the details. fun fun.

March 19, 2004

IPATO - work

did the ibm IPATO ("Information Processing Aptitude Test On-line") today. 3 sections, covering number series, matrix manipulation, and anaysis. each is timed with the whole thing taking 32 minutes. it wasnt that hard, but it tells you from the start that the test is designed so that you will not have enough time to answer every question in the time given. given an extra 2-3 minutes in each section i'd have finished them all, but still think i did well with the ones i did answer. it's a bit frantic and nerve racking when you're doing it, but really only because of the time component. still waiting to hear something back about the interview i had tuesday. should know something in a few days.

March 16, 2004

interview - take 2 - work

this afternoon i had my second interview with ibm's toronto software lab, this time with a manager and a technical person, so i think the manager is higher up than the last person i talked to. it's hard to judge how the interview went. i dont think that the manager was as prepared for this interview as the last manager was, but that would make sense if this was someone 'higher up' that was involved more to confirm the first managers opinion of me. in this case i think i'm still in good shape. he said that he'd be getting back to me by early next week, so we'll see what happens.

March 12, 2004

sweet - fun - work

aw yeah... just got home from watching the timberwolves beat the lakers. not only that, it was the third straight win this season against the lakers. a win on the 26th in la will mean a sweep for the season. that'd be nice vindication after the lakers eliminating the wolves in the first round last year.

the other great thing today was getting a second interview with IBM. tuesday afternoon i'll have another interview with two people this time, so hopefully i'm getting closer. also get to take their IPATO (Information Processing Aptitude Test Online). fun fun...

March 9, 2004

interview - work

so today was interesting. this morning i had a phone interview with a manager from ibm's toronto software lab. the interview was scheduled to be 1 hour, but we ended up talking for over an hour and a half. i feel like it went well. my resume had caught his eye because of my physics background as he's got a phd in physics and he'd done computational work. he was also pretty impressed with the fact that i had a publication in phys rev lett. we probably spent about 45 minutes or so talking about my masters research and job experience, then moved on to kind of a 'tech quiz' with him asking me to give quick, short answers to questions like 'what is the difference between a system call and a library call' and 'what are the pros/cons of using shared libraries'. i'm pretty excited about the possibility of working for ibm and look forward to hearing from them. could be as much as 1-2 weeks before i hear anything though. waiting sucks...

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