Last night jenn and i went the the Coldplay show at the air canada centre. i was fortunate enough to get selected as part of the coldplay presale lottery and got us tickets on the main floor, second row, and dead center. we were less than 10 feet from the stage. this is the second time we've seen coldplay, and also the second time the show was recorded. we saw their May 11, 2005 show at Kool Haus, which was recorded by Much Music (the canadian version of MTV). The two toronto shows (last night and tonight) are being recorded for an upcoming dvd release, so maybe we'll even see ourselves in there somewhere.

what a great show! big arena shows usually suck because you're stuck far away in nosebleed land, which is why i generally don't get tickets for these shows, but when i saw how great my tickets were i couldn't say no. it was a little crazy getting in and out of our seats (the rows aren't really deep enough for one person to stand and another to get past them), but once we were in it was great. the band didn't disappoint either, putting together an excellent show (with all of my favourites represented).

the only unfortunate and annoying part of the night were the line jumpers or whatever you call the morons who don't have tickets yet somehow think it's ok for them to force their way into your row. our row wasn't really bothered by this since it was so small, but the row ahead of us had a little extra room between the chair and the guard rail, and as a result there were a whole bunch of people who thought that made it OK to slip in behind (and in many cases in FRONT of) the people who held tickets for the seats. i saw several people getting very unhappy when someone pushed their way in front of their seats. there were confrontations, but once the show started it seemed impossible to get rid of them. front and center, directly in front of us, was an ASSHOLE FROM BBC RADIO 1 who stood in our way the entire time, behind a pair of girls who we later found out also didn't have tickets! when the "proper" people for those seats showed up they refused to leave! the one girl was at least pushed back off the rail for most of the time, but the other wouldn't leave and let them have their place. by the end of the show most of the people with tickets had been forced to stand behind each other while these other idiots forced their way between them to the rail. we were left wondering what security was doing. we got stopped about 6 times on the way to our seats (and at the end we were escorted directly to our row), so how do these people get through in the first place? clearly AFBBCR1 had some sort of pass that allowed him free range over the place (and apparently also gave him permission to record the show too, since he did). fortunately, once the show got going i sort of forgot about them (other than AFBBCR1 who was tall and always in the way, constantly holding up his camera and/or mics).

the band was great, and seemed to be joking, laughing, and just having a good time. the ladies seemed to enjoy Chris Martin changing his shirt on stage. i enjoyed their small set up at the front of the stage, with "'til kingdom come" (the song they say they wrote for Johnny Cash), a cover of "ring of fire" (the song "written by someone else for johnny cash"), and a mellow version of "trouble". some of my other favourites ("the scientist" and "swallowed in the sea") were also covered, which was great.

the final consensus between jenn and i was that we liked their show at Kool Haus better, since it was such a small and intimate venue, but if you're going to do an arena show, 2nd row is still pretty damn good.

here's the setlist:

square one
speed of sound
god put a smile upon your face
what if
how you see the world no. 2
dont panic
white shadows
the scientist
til kingdom come
ring of fire

swallowed in the sea
in my place
fix you

posting this a few days late, but (as you can see from the previous post) i've been busy lately.

last thursday i went to the phoenix concert theater to see vnv nation, with special guests soman and imperative reaction. We arrived a bit late and missed soman entirely, but were able to catch the last few songs in imperative reaction's set. i'm familiar with their 'eulogy for a sick child' ablum and was interested to check out their set, but they went on a little earlier than i guessed and we were a little slower getting there so i only saw the last few. they sounded like they were mixed kind of 'flat' and muddy - it was hard to pick out more than the bass beat and some noise. sometimes that's related to the sound in a particular venue, or equipment , and sometimes it's intentional. not sure what the deal was there.

however, vnv came on and seriously rocked the house. they sounded great and have added two new musicians since the last time i saw them. it was only ronan singing and mark on drums when i saw them in minneapolis for the last tour, but this time they also had two people on keyboards/powerbooks. mark stayed on drums for the duration, switching over to play keyboards for 'beloved' as the two keyboardists left the stage. the band seemed to be having a really good time and thanked the crowd continually for their support. they seemed truly gracious to be getting the great reception from the crowd. their initial set felt a bit short, but they padded it out with two encores which made it seem a good length. however, with a great show like that you always seem to leave wanting more. i was really hoping for the vocal version of 'forsaken' and 'beloved' as i'd enjoyed them alot last time around, but only got one of the two. oh well, i can listen to 'forsaken' live from the 'pastperfect' dvd (which i've ripped into mp3 using my handy ripdvd program).

fantastic show. if you are a fan of the band you should definitely take the opportunity to check them out live. here's the setlist:

dark angel
endless skies

honour 2003


had the great pleasure of going to see Coldplay last night at Kool Haus. What a great show. I'd bought extra tickets to the Nine Inch Nails show at Kool Haus on tuesday, and when none of my friends were interested I put them up on ebay. As it turned out I made enough of a profit on the sale of those three tickets that it paid for the high priced scalper tickets that i had to get for the very sold out Coldplay show. so it worked out great.

there was no openning act for this event, so it was just Coldplay. Doors were scheduled to open at 8:00, so we aimed to arrive around 7:45 to get in line. traffic was a bit of a pain and our usual parking lot was full, so it was 8:00 by the time we got there. the doors weren't yet opened and the lineup went all the way around the block, so it was time to wait. doors opened around 8:20, but it still took us until 9:00 to get inside. when we got inside we saw an array of cameras setup all over the place. in chatting with one of the security folks we found out that the show was being recorded for Much Music (the canadian equivalent of MTV). looking forward to seeing it again whenever it airs on tv.

anyway, this was a very small, intimate show. the crowd was clearly enjoying it, singing along with all the old stuff and showing their support for the new. The band seemed to also be having a good time, with chris running and dancing around the stage whenever he wasn't at the piano. we loved the show and look forward to seeing them again (even if it isn't in as great a setting).

here's the setlist. (* indicates a new song off the upcoming X&Y album)

*square one
politik (+rebellion (lies) by arcade fire)
god put a smile upon your face
*speed of sound
warning sign
scientist (+ hurt by nine inch nails)
*til kingdom come
*what if?

*a message
in my place
*fix you

Last night I went to the Nine Inch Nails show at Kool Haus, with Dresden Dolls openning. I'd checked out some of the stuff on the Dresden Dolls site and wasn't really into it. some of it was ok, but other parts i thought sounded like a small child banging on a piano. not the sort of thing i was really looking forward to. however, i was pleasantly suprised by their live show. the one kid-banging-on-piano song was in there, but for the most part they were fairly decent. nothing earth shattering, but decent. the part that i found most confusing is the block of cover songs they did, taking up over a third of their set. they started with 'war pigs' by black sabbath, then went into 'amsterdam' by david bowie, and finally 'karma police' by radiohead. they were quite true to the original forms of the songs, not really putting any new twist on it. i thought the point of openning bands was to introduce the crowd to their music and get them warmed up for the headliner. they did ok in the warmup department, but doing covers just like the original isn't really going to make me want to buy a dresden dolls album, it makes me want to pull out some bowie and radiohead...

anyway, nine inch nails put on a great show. they went on at 10:05 and played non-stop for about an hour and 40 minutes, with no encores. the crowd wanted more, but i suppose after 1:40 you've had your money's worth. i know i wasn't complaining. song selection was great, playing a good mix from their catalog. i expected to hear more from 'with teeth', but wasn't too upset that they only played a few. it's not a bad album, and certainly has some great songs, but overall i find it a bit weak. of course, he ended up playing some of the songs i'm least into, but who knows. the new single, 'the hand that feeds', was pretty great live. trent was pretty quiet, with only a few 'thank you's between songs, but the band seemed to be having a good time, and the crowd was definitely into it. fairly early in the show (i think during 'march of the pigs') trent even jumped out onto the crowd. kind of fun. only part that sucked was that it was pretty damn warm in the venue, but that's to be expected when you cram that many people in.

here's the setlist:

the frail
the wretched
you know what you are
march of the pigs
the line begins to blur
terrible lie
the big come down
gave up
the day the whole world went away
even deeper
the hand that feeds
starfuckers, inc
head like a hole

i'll be back at Kool Haus for Coldplay tonight, so i'll try and post a setlist tomorrow. i'm going to try and bring my camera tonight, so i might have some photos too. stay tuned!

I've been keeping setlists for shows that I go to for a while now with the intention of putting them online, so I'm finally getting around to doing this.

Went and saw Garbage last night, with Dead Sixties opening. The opener was ok, but a bit dull. there was a stretch of about 10-15 minutes where it seemed like the same song repeated with different lyrics. it all sounded really familiar, like they could have been a clash/specials/etc cover band. they weren't bad, just not that exciting. perhaps just not quite my cup of tea. Garbage, on the other hand, were awesome. the band sounded great, and Shirley was a laugh. she had lots of banter with the crowd between songs and seemed to be having a really good time. towards the end of the show (i think it was mind-encore) someone in a chicken costume came out on stage with a cake for the bassist as it was his birthday. Shirley sang happy birthday, but then insisted that they needed to do it again because she needed Butch to do the harmony with her. As they tried to start the next song (cherry lips if i remember right) Shirley was still laughing so much that she was messing up the lyrics and made the band start over once she had composed herself. Before they restarted and mid-way through the song she was asking for the chicken to come back out on stage because she wanted to dance with him, but he never came back out. they finished off their set with the crowd still begging for another encore.

Here's the setlist from the show:

intro - hurt by nine inch nails, as covered by johnny cash
bad boyfriend
stupid girl
sex is not the enemy
hammering in my head
when i grow up
bleed like me
i think i'm paranoid
push it
only happy when it rains
you look so fine *
why do you love me

metal heart
cherry lips go baby go
right between the eyes

the story behind the *: through the show there was someone in the audience, center stage about 25-30 feet back, that was holding up a small sign. it looked like the ripped the cover off a spiral notebook, so it was about the size of a standard letter sized page. they had something written on it, but who knows what. At this point Shirley made a comment about not being able to see because of her contacts being foggy, so she asked them to hand the sign forward so she could read it. she apologized and said that, unfortunately, since they have a new bass player they couldn't play "you look so fine" since he doesn't know it. She also joked that she probably couldn't even remember the words. She suggested that if Duke could give her a chord she might be able to sing a bit of it, so with a really basic guitar part and simple drum line keeping time she broke into a mostly a capella version of the song. she was kind of laughing and making up most of the words, joking that she couldn't rhyme this line and that one. it was pretty funny and the crowd loved it.

I'm adding some "past" entries with setlists for some other shows (matthew good, social distortion, skinny puppy, pixies, queens of the stone age), so check those out if you're interested. I'll try to add entries on time for future shows...

here's the setlist for the Queens of the Stone Age show at Kool Haus on March 30, 2005. I was standing beside the sound board for this show and could see a setlist that they had out on the board, but they didn't quite follow it. songs with a "+" were added in although not on the setlist, and songs with a "-" were on the setlist but not played. Regardless, they played for almost two hours, so it was a great show.

intro - who's afraid of the big bad wolf
someone's in the wolf
feel good hit of the summer
the lost art of keeping a secret
you would know
broken box
covered in punks blood
little sister
hanging tree
in my head
blood is love
god is in the radio
burn the witch
-first it giveth
song for the deaf
song for the dead
you got a killer scene there man
monsters in the parasol
tangled up in plaid
-go with the flow
i think i lost my headache

long slow goodbye
+no one knows
-precious and grace
-regular john

here's the setlist for the Pixies show at Arrow Hall on Nov 24, 2004. Another band that i thought i'd never get to see live. i don't care that the band has freely admitted they're only doing the reunion and tour for money, i was just happy to get a chance to see them. excellent set with all the good stuff. here's the list:

bone machine
river euphrates
wave of mutilation
monkey gone to heaven
no. 13 baby
i bleed
is she weird
mr grieves
in heaven
here comes your man
nimrod's son/the holiday song
gouge away
broken face
isla de encanta/something against you

where is my mind

here's the setlist for the Skinny Puppy show at Kool Haus on Nov 10, 2004. the opener was otto van somethingorother and i was glad i got there just as he finished. painful. i'm all for some noise-based stuff, but this guy SUCKED.

puppy was great. this was a show that i had long ago decided i'd never see, with the way the process went down and the whole breakup and all that. i just figured that was the end and i'd never get to see them live. then shortly after Dwayne Goettel's death I saw Download play a show in detroit. they closed their set with a 3 song medly of puppy tracks that were dedicated to Dwayne. it was pretty awesome (the whole show was, really) and i thought that was the closest i'd ever come to seeing skinny puppy live.

between then and now there's been lots of great stuff from download, some stuff from ogre's project "oHGr", and a smattering of old puppy releases including b-sides, remixes, and another live album. all great, but i still wished i'd had a chance to see puppy live in their prime (my choice would have been too dark park, but i'd have been happy with anything).

then in recent years they did that wacky german reunion show. I had no way to get there, so i figured again i was out of luck, the band would go their separate ways and i'd still not get a chance to see them. However, not long after i started hearing rumors of another album, another tour, etc. it took a while, but "the greater wrong of the right" finally came out. I must say it is better than I expected after the mess that was "the process". the process was so far removed from "real" skinny puppy that it might as well have called that a metal album with ogre doing vocals. I dreaded a return to that with TGWOTR, and was happy that this didn't happen. TGWOTR is a definite evolution from old puppy, but i think it's in a good way. you can definitely hear download and ohgr coming through in some tracks, but others are pure puppy. I can't wait to see what they do next.

anyway, on to the setlist. the show featured a few more songs from the process than i'd have liked, but overall was a good time. loved to hear several from vivisect vi, and convulsion was fucking brilliant. here's the list:

gods gift (maggot)
vx gas attack
deep down trauma hounds
tin omen
hardset head
human disease-s.k.u.m.m
harsh stone white


smothered hope

here's the setlist for the Social Distortion show at Kool Haus on Oct 25, 2004. opener was Tiger Army. fairly interesting band. loved the bassist. he was playing a big old upright bass, but would pick it up with is fretting hand and walk around the stage with it, or swing it up in the air. nuts.

social distortion was great. all the classics, with a bunch from the new album. Mike joked with the crowd as he came out on stage and said "Hello vancouver!". He then said that he doesn't ever know where he is, they just pull him off the bus and he plays the show. He later said he knew exactly where he was and encouraged the crowd to sneak into the states and vote so that they could get Bush out of office. the crowd got a good laugh out of it.

throughout the show people kept throwing things both on stage and around the crowd, mostly beer cans and stuff. at one point between songs as Mike was talking someone threw a beer can that flew by his head. he immediately started talking to the guy and trying to get him to come up on stage to "see how tough he is". he then said that if he was at a show and somebody beside him threw something at the band he'd punch them right in the head. he asked if the guy would like it if he were throwing things at him or something like that. he yelled at the guy a bit more, then went back to what he was talking about. i thought the crowd was going to jump the guy and beat the hell out of him, but i didn't see anything happen. that would have been amusing. never understand why people throw things at the band. if you paid to come to the show you probably like them, so why throw shit? so stupid...

ring of fire
reach for the sky
under my thumb
highway 101
mommys little monster
the creeps
so far away
when she begins
dont take me for granted
prison bound
telling them
making believe
sick boy
ball and chain
nickles and dimes

footprints on my ceiling
story of my life

Here's the setlist from the Matthew Good show at Kool Haus on Oct 23, 2004.

aparitions (acoustic)
alert status red
buffallo seven
hello time bomb
the rat who would be king
future is x rated
put out your lights
poor mans grey
fell in love with a bad idea
blue skies over bad lands

load me up
empty road
cant get shot in the back if you dont run

fantastic show, lots of songs that i'd like to have heard and didn't, but pretty much everything Matt has done is excellent, so it's hard to pick a set worth and not leave favourites out...

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