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here's the setlist for the Queens of the Stone Age show at Kool Haus on March 30, 2005. I was standing beside the sound board for this show and could see a setlist that they had out on the board, but they didn't quite follow it. songs with a "+" were added in although not on the setlist, and songs with a "-" were on the setlist but not played. Regardless, they played for almost two hours, so it was a great show.

intro - who's afraid of the big bad wolf
someone's in the wolf
feel good hit of the summer
the lost art of keeping a secret
you would know
broken box
covered in punks blood
little sister
hanging tree
in my head
blood is love
god is in the radio
burn the witch
-first it giveth
song for the deaf
song for the dead
you got a killer scene there man
monsters in the parasol
tangled up in plaid
-go with the flow
i think i lost my headache

long slow goodbye
+no one knows
-precious and grace
-regular john

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