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this morning i had my third phone interview with ibm, this time with a manager even further up the line. i feel like it went pretty good. he said that they are not going to go ahead with flying me up there because it would take alot of time on both our parts and would be costly and he didnt think they'd really learn anything that they havent already in the (three) phone interviews i've had. at first i was nervous about the cancelling of the trip, but his reasoning did make sense and i didnt think it sounded like he was telling me i was out of the running. i think the conversation was pretty good. later in the day i heard from the manager i'd talked to in the 2nd interview and he said he'd heard that today's interview "went well", so i should be in good shape. today's manager told me that their interviews would be done by friday and that the managers would be getting together then to make decisions about the various candidates, so i should hear back by the end of this week or beginning of next. more waiting...

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