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so today was interesting. this morning i had a phone interview with a manager from ibm's toronto software lab. the interview was scheduled to be 1 hour, but we ended up talking for over an hour and a half. i feel like it went well. my resume had caught his eye because of my physics background as he's got a phd in physics and he'd done computational work. he was also pretty impressed with the fact that i had a publication in phys rev lett. we probably spent about 45 minutes or so talking about my masters research and job experience, then moved on to kind of a 'tech quiz' with him asking me to give quick, short answers to questions like 'what is the difference between a system call and a library call' and 'what are the pros/cons of using shared libraries'. i'm pretty excited about the possibility of working for ibm and look forward to hearing from them. could be as much as 1-2 weeks before i hear anything though. waiting sucks...

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